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RPD brings fast paced design and manufacturing innovation to companies. For every project we bring together teams of talent from broader industries, helping us to think different.

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RPD operates a global supply chain of manufacturers. Our manufacturers cover everything, including injection molding and 5 axis CNC machining.

Each facility is specialised in specific areas of production. We combine the correct expertise and locations to achieve efficiency in quality, speed, cost and scale.

V8 Super Car Keys

A British Super Car manufacturer has built an incredible car, around a beautiful engine. They wanted a way for the driver to experience the V8 engine's beauty, without having to open the bonnet.

We brought together artists, automotive designers and industrial designers to develop these keys to represent the hidden V8 power. We moved from basic concepts to production ready prototypes in 2 weeks.

Olympic Design Awards

The Agency SomeOne worked with RPD to provide 3D modelling and printing services to their client, The Design Council.

Using sketches and icons provided by SomeOne, we designed, developed and produced 200 awards for all designers involved with the London 2012 Olympics.

OEM Product Design

RPD works directly with retailers and brands as an industrial design department that enables rapid product prototyping in the UK.

One client requested multiple design concepts for a pair of headphones, based around existing components. In 48 hours we provided 3 aesthetic prototype models that could be used for marketing literature.

Foam Bulls POS Display

RPD is used by Taxi Studio to help drive their search for fearless creativity.

We produced 550 foam bulls as part of a campaign for their client, Siniat. The hand-assembled cows were delivered to stores around the country as a fun way to promote their new plasterboard product.

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We're on a continual drive to hire the world's top talent. Both our full-time and contracting teams are based across the globe. They are incredibly skilled and focussed individuals, in areas of design, engineering, psychology, art, marketing etc.

To join the team, either in house or as a contractor, just send us something interesting. We're less interested by CVs, far more by evidence of skills and passion.

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ISO Certification


We are working closely with the BSI to certify our processes and facilities as ISO complient.
We are also very strict on ISO certifications with our suppliers. The majority of whom are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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