Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation is about giving our clients the resources, and reducing the risk far enough to allow you to experiment. We understand the biggest barrier to innovation in a company is often the ‘what if?’ RPD begins every project by laying the foundations to a project, understanding how we can reduce your exposure as a department or business.


Before pushing ahead into development, your local team will look to understand the exact goals of a project. We’re looking to define success, failure and the unknown – starting with engineering and design feasibility, followed by time, finance and resource forecasting.


We’ll take your brief or goals and work out how they could be achieved, on a technical, aesthetic and financial level. Our design and engineering teams will make early developments, assumptions and proposals to how they believe best to complete your project.


Innovation Design, and Feasibility Studies will often summarise the following work:


Background, Brief and Deliverables

Our teams analyse exactly what you are trying to achieve, breaking it down into clear work scope and deliverables across the project.


Engineering Feasibility

RPD’s engineering teams will assess the technical challenges in your project. Often this involves assessing how functionality can be achieved, and what technology can be applied. These teams will then look into deeper detail of specific components that can be used, their suitability to the project, forecast availability and the impact this has on future costs for the project, and the products.


Design and Ergonomics Approach

Most projects are lead by the need for human interaction, or at least functional design requirements. Our design teams come from varying backgrounds, including consumer products, automotive and fashion, they come together to asses how your brief may be solved for functional design. This includes building insight into how a customer or user may interact with your product, or how the product may adapt and evolve to work with its user. They will produce drawings, user-flow studies and written analysis on this work, to help advise on their proposed direction.


Concept Solution Proposals

Your RPD team will use the engineering and design analysis to formulate solution proposals. These are intended as overviews of the ways in which they feel the problem can be best solved. Often this is reduced to 3 or less concepts, detailing how they would work, what technology and components could be used and their associated pros/cons. Along with these proposals, RPD will often make an argument as to which proposal they think is best suited to the project, and detail the reasoning for your consideration.


Time, Finance and Resource Planning

Our engineering team will work with finance and planning teams to give you insight into how the project will develop. We aim to provide a cost estimation of the full development cycle, for each proposed concept, as well as an estimation of the time involved and future production unit costs. We’ll also assess your needs for integration with existing teams, whether you are looking for full integration with an internal team, or are looking for your project to be run externally – we will plan accordingly.

Working With RPD

These R&D studies range from solving business strategy and innovation programs, to developing and applying new technology in your company.

With a global team of engineers, designers and prototyping facilities RPD develops products and technologies, with rapid turn-around times.

Operating factories across 40 countries, we’re geared to help you launch the first 1,000 consumer test batch, through to fulfilling the 1,000,000 unit retailer deal.

Your global manufacturing supply chain resource, or as a low-risk feed into your internal facilities, we manage supply chain down to customer distribution.

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