Supercar Keys

RPD's design teams worked alongside internal teams to bring luxury out of the garage and into your pocket with this titanium key to a brand new British supercar.


Supercar Keys









6 Months




RPD International worked with an undisclosed car brand to design a key for their latest car, which would bring luxury out of the garage, and into your pocket.


In looking the experience of luxury cars, RPD found gaps. It was common for exclusive cars to share key designs with their lower level cousins. We felt this needed to be changed in this new car.


RPD worked with the in-house team to explore the features of the car, and how we could build a piece of jewellery to house the key’s interior PCB and workings. They took design cues from an elaborately detailed V8 engine, crafting the cylinder angles into the titanium body.


We worked with a diverse team of engineers and designers to explore multiple avenues of design. The car company initially looked at creating a glass bonnet, to expose the engine bay. Our teams looked for simpler ways to promote such a design feature in the keys.


RPD engineers helped select exotic materials for a solid feel. The key was packaged in an oak box, presented alongside the car with its chassis serial number.


RPD’s diverse design team were able to expand the thinking of such an in-house team. Their manufacturing-first thinking allowed them to develop this product from start to end in an efficient manor.

The keys went through hundreds of design iterations through 3D printed prototypes, before testing in many materials and grades. The final keys were developed from billet titanium.

The titanium body is CNC cut from billet. The sleek profile incorporates a scale representation of the car's V8 engine cylinders, with the same angles and spacing.

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