Wellblocks Trigger Point Massage

The Wellblocks device is a set of magnetic blocks, with silicon nodules. Assembling the blocks in different formations lines up perfectly with trigger points in your muscles, to relieve tension.

Wellblocks is a set of magnetic blocks, developed by Dr Caroline Keddie, to relieve muscle tension using trigger point massage.


RPD have worked with Caroline Keddie since 2014 to develop and launch her medical massage produce. The blocks feature nodules of different sizes, distances and hardness – these can be combined in various orientations to line up with different muscle groups. In applying pressure to the blocks, and your muscle trigger points, the Wellblocks are able to efficiently relieve body tension.


We helped Caroline go through countless rounds of prototyping and consumer testing to find a set of blocks that was most universally applicable to different body types and preferences. The blocks are now in production with a silicon over-mold construction, allowing us to achieve multiple densities and colours within a single component.


Caroline was able to develop her product without hiring a large engineering team, or investing in expensive machinery and processes. For her small business, RPD now provides a global supply chain for the production and distribution of her product to more than 40 countries.





Dr Caroline Keddie






18 Months




The 3 types of block combine to line up with different muscle groups around your body. An accompanying app allows you to easy diagnose pains by identifying your usual sporting activity.

Wellblocks comes in two strengths, with a tougher pro version for harder trained muscles. They're ideal for relieving sporting stress, or alleviating common office pains like RSI.

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